Bluesound Node 2 & 2i – zestaw interfejs z zasilaczem SMPSU

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450,00 PLN netto

Zestaw dla urządzenia Bluesound Node 2 i 2i.
Ten zestaw zawiera:
– interfejs zasilania
– zewnętrzny zasilacz SMPSU 5A – Meanwell GSM40B05 – w standardzie medycznym

Ten interfejs zastępuje oryginalny zasilacz. Wystarczy zainstalować go na swoim urządzeniu i podłączyć zasilacz.
W porównaniu z oryginalnym zasilaczem, ten interfejs oferuje znaczną redukcję szumów zasilania.



Zestaw dla urządzenia Bluesound Node 2 i 2i.
Ten zestaw zawiera:
– interfejs zasilania
– zewnętrzny zasilacz SMPSU 5A – Meanwell GSM40B05 – w standardzie medycznym

W porównaniu z oryginalnym zasilaczem, ten interfejs oferuje znaczną redukcję szumów zasilania. Posiada wbudowany filtr oferujący dodatkową skuteczność tłumienia szumów zasilacza. Zestaw można w późniejszym czasie wzbogacić o dedykowany zasilacz liniowy.


    • pełniejszy dźwięk, ciemniejsze tło, więcej przestrzeni i szczegółów
    • lepiej kontrolowane niskie tony
    • mniej ostre dźwięki przy wysokich częstotliwościach


    • w pełni kompatybilny z konstrukcją i działaniem Node 2 i Node 2i
    • usuwa źródła EMI / RFI z wnętrza urządzenia
    • posiada zabezpieczenie przed przepięciem i przeciążeniem
    • dodatkowe filtry napięciowe, kondensatory elektrolityczne i polimerowe o ultra niskim ESR, o łącznej pojemności ponad 8500uF

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Instrukcja montażu – PDF

Szumy zasilacza fabrycznego Node 2i

Szumy zestawu interfejsu z zasilaczem SMPSU.

15 opinii dla Bluesound Node 2 & 2i – zestaw interfejs z zasilaczem SMPSU

  1. Bjørnar Steinsland

    I have a Bluesound node 2 from 2016, using it as a preamp and Dac together with the software ROON. It got the red light of death and after a Google search i found this upgrade in the psu instead of starting to solder the old caps. I think its an improvment in sound quality and the product was an easy install with a very solid user manual. This deserve a 5 star review

  2. Paul

    The Low Noise PSU board is fabulous! I get greater dynamics and a larger soundstage. I don’t use the node 2i internal dac. In my system, the improvement wasn’t achieved until I replaced the Meanwell SMPSU with an audio grade SMPSU.

    With the meanwell, music wasn’t enjoyable. Upper mid range and highs were overpowering. At first I thought it just needed to break in. It was no better after two weeks. I observed my audio grade power supply delivers 3A which is what PD creative recommends. Maybe this helps to explain the sound difference as the meanwell is rated for 5A.

  3. Steven (zweryfikowany)

    to try absolutely !!! I am impressed!!

    Thanks Thanks Thanks!!

  4. Ben

    Just WOW!
    My first review ever – just have to. Got mine after 4 days after ordering (weekend in between).

    I love it. Still astonished how much of a difference in sound it does – did not expect it (it is just a new “power module”).
    Clarity, blackness, depth are greatly better (Tidal via mqa or Spotify or anything else) – only Analog out, I do not use the digital one.

  5. Bastian (NL) (zweryfikowany)

    Ordered my upgrade – Bluesound Node 2 & 2i upgrade kit: low noise PSU interface + SMPSU – on Sunday and received at home on Tuesday (Netherlands) via express. Great so far! Installing was easy but read the manual (enclosed).

    Finally, listening. Well; from the very first moment just astonishing! No words are enough to describe the upgrade! I do not know if burning in is going to make another difference but straight away a 20 to 30% upgrade. Even my wife noticed immediately. I use Tidal with MQA files preferred and for some reason this now sounds even better than my cd player. I would say 15% better than cd. I don’t get it really because cd was my holy source but now I need to change. And again, burning in may bring another step.

    The sound upgrade in more detail: much more details, much more depth, instruments I never heard distinctively before, are now so clear. And placed very specific in the room. As if I am literally sitting next to the band. Almost shocking. As if a listened to my node 2i with a towel over the speakers before.

    My set is a Classe cap integrated 151 amplifier, Classe model 3 cp-player, Bluesound Node 2i, all on MIT Shotgun MA and 330 interlinks (cd via xlr and node 2i via rca) and MIT Sshotgun MA speaker cables with Audio Physic Sitara’s. Further I have all on supra lorad, isotek powercables and a isotek 2K qube power conditioner.

  6. Szymon

    Po 4 latach użytkowania, odtwarzacz Bluesound Node 2 odmówił posłuszeństwa, sygnalizując to czerwoną diodą.
    Szukając w internecie powodów i sposobów rozwiązania problemu natrafiłem na firmę PD Creative, która w bardzo profesjonalny sposób, zaangażowała się w pomoc i naprawę sprzętu. W krótkim czasie, sprzęt został reanimowany poprzez wymianę modułu zasilania. Wysyłka i naprawa przebiegły ekspresowo.
    Jestem bardzo zadowolony z całego procesu usługi.
    Dodatkowym benefitem wg mojej subiektywnej oceny, po wymianie modułu jest bardziej dynamiczne i przestrzenne brzmienie urządzenia. Bardzo polecam wszystkim współpracę z Panem Pawłem z PD Creative!

  7. Akos (zweryfikowany)

    Super fast shipping! Received yesterday, installed today and my Node 2 which also got the famous “red light of death” is now back to life! Well worth the money. I use an external DAC and haven’t heard the Node 2 in some weeks due to its original power supply being broken so I don’t want to comment on the sound quality. It definitely is not worse! The installation was also relatively easy, required a bit of patience here and there but I’m clumsy.

  8. Rainald Kaspirek (Vienna, Austria) (zweryfikowany)

    My 5 Year old Node 2 (N110) got the red light of death. With this kit the Node gets a new life. This Power Supply is the
    Power Supply as it should have always been. Very well built. The only problem during the conversion is at the end the closing of the Node Unit. Very snappy. And now to the Sound Quality. Its a way better. My thanks goes to PD Creative. Well done.

  9. Nick Ridings

    Just had the interface and smpsu installed for a day and the difference in sound was immediate, obvious and put a big smile on my face. Ordering and delivery to the UK was swift and totally painless. Installation using the superb instruction sheet was also swift and painless!
    Well worth the money and lifts the Node 2i performance even when using an external DAC as I do (Denafrips Ares ii).
    Recommended as a no brainer to Node 2i owners.

  10. Tommy (zweryfikowany)

    Very well done! Order and shipping was flawless. Instructions are included and are excellent. Color pictures and detailed how-to. There is even a tiny spare SMD fuse attached to the instructions!
    The kit does what it says; More controlled bass, less foggy midrange and more fluid sound all around.

  11. René (zweryfikowany)

    Received the PSU last week. Very fast delivery and perfectly packaged. I am very satisfied with it. Red light of death changed to Blue light of life! And a better sound experience.

  12. Bert (zweryfikowany)

    Just received yesterday and installed right away. As said here, installation is very easy, powersupply comes in very handy.
    After the red light of death that many people suffer from, I now have my Node2 up and running again. Very content with this DIY kit!

  13. Jørn

    Highly recommended. Revived one of my Bluesound Node 2 that got the red light of death and installed in my other one as well. Easy installation in only 10 minutes.
    Very fine improvement in sound quality, so a very happy customer.

  14. Peter

    Installation was easy with the help of the manual. Significant sound improvement, especially the separation of instruments and voices. The bass reproduction is also more controlled. Very satisfied!

  15. Sven

    Excellent kit! Installation was easy as pie. Definite improvement in sound quality. Highly recommended.

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