Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) – zestaw z zasilaczem liniowym

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Zestaw dla urządzenia Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3).
Ten zestaw zawiera:
– interfejs zasilania
– zewnętrzny zasilacz super nisko-szumowy

Ten interfejs zastępuje oryginalny zasilacz. Wystarczy zainstalować go na swoim urządzeniu i podłączyć zasilacz.
W porównaniu z oryginalnym zasilaczem, ten interfejs oferuje znaczną redukcję szumów zasilania.

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Planowana dostepność: 06.02.2023



Zestaw dla urządzenia Bluesound Node 2021 gen.3.
Ten zestaw zawiera:

    • interfejs zasilania
    • nasz najnowszy zasilacz super nisko-szumowy w wersji v.2 wraz z  kablem zasilającym

W porównaniu z oryginalnym zasilaczem oraz zasilaczem SMPSU, zestaw ten oferuje znaczne ulepszenie dźwięku.

    • znacznie pełniejszy dźwięk, ciemniejsze tło, więcej przestrzeni i szczegółów
    • większa dynamika, lepiej kontrolowane niskie tony
    • mniej ostre dźwięki przy wysokich częstotliwościach


    • zastępuje wbudowany zasilacz, w pełni kompatybilny z Node 2021 gen.3
    • zbudowany na markowych komponentach, zawiera dodatkowe filtry napięcia


    • zasilacz dedykowany do Node  – napięcie wyjściowe 5V
    • transformator toroidalny 50VA w separowanej komorze
    • duża pojemność kondensatorów filtrujących
    • dwustopniowa regulacja napięcia
    • super niski poziom szumów


Do pobrania

Instrukcja montażu – PDF

Szumy zasilacza fabrycznego NODE (N130).

Szumy zestawu interfejsu z zasilaczem super niskoszumowym.

15 opinii dla Bluesound Node 2021 (gen.3) – zestaw z zasilaczem liniowym

  1. Jakob Gooijer (zweryfikowany)

    Installed and connected the linear power supply with some delay today. Excellent manual was included and it was ready in 15 minutes. Closing the lid is the biggest challenge. The results are impressive. Although not yet broken in, the gain is already noticeable, especially the higher registers gain in clarity, openness and transparency. The soundstage has become a bit bigger and can’t be big enough for me. Dynamics has taken another step in the right direction. Thanks guys for this great product and the speed delivery, especially for this price!!! So, now let’s look for an upgrade for the GX16 cable…..👍😉

  2. Morten Rasmussen (zweryfikowany)

    I got so supriced by this upgrade kit.
    This kit fixed all my issues with low bass. No i can finally enjoy my stereo to the fullest without issues.
    The Node was the weakest link and now its perfect. This is just after 1 day of running.
    Im assuming it will only get better.
    Agrees to all the things mentioned on other reviews.
    I can now hear details in songs that i dident hear before. It layers the music beautifully.
    Node goes to external nos tube dac with spdif. Havent tried it without dac.

  3. Kees Werkman (zweryfikowany)

    Afgeopen zondag en de kit vandaag (donderdag) ontvangen en s avonds geïnstalleerd, iets wat in 15 minuten te doen is. een uurtje op spanning te laten komen en luisteren maar op qobuz.
    Wat een verandering gelijk. Meer diepte en ruimtelijker. Nu zo n 80 uur verder laten inbranden en het kan volgens mij, alleen nog maar beter worden. Top.

    Bedankt voor de snelle levering

    Mvg. Kees.

  4. Velin Petrov (zweryfikowany)

    This is a great product, period :). Highly recommended. Customer service is great, responding to my inquiries on 1st of January 2023 even. All this equals to very happy client. Thank you PD Creative!

    First Impressions:
    Just upgraded my Node N130 with the linear PSU kit 3 days ago and I am amazed at the sound change – sound stage widened to encompass the whole room, clarity and dynamics are at another level, digital harshness and the plastic, congested sound of the Node are gone. No more fatigue during longer listening sessions, I can finally just lay down and enjoy the music without touching the EQ settings.

    All abovementioned effects are noticed while streaming from Tidal to the Node using the RCA analogue out with Bluos tone controls off to RCA input of Edifier S3000 Pro active speakers. RCA interconnect used – YYTCG HIFI Dual Gold Plated RCA Signal Cable with 6N OCC Copper Core + 6N OCC silver plated nerve wire.

  5. Simon (zweryfikowany)

    I have fitted the board and power supply and the sound is much much improved.  Thanks for all your emails and very fast delivery.  The only hiccup was when I plugged the power supply in, the red light on the back switch does not light up, but I found out that it’s supposed to be so it doesn’t shine like a street lamp.

  6. Andrzej (zweryfikowany)

    Świetny upgrade. U mnie Bluesound podłączony jest do DAC. Dźwięk jest bardziej klarowny, zyskał precyzję oraz otwartość w każdym paśmie a w szególności zaskoczyły mnie niskie tony. Już nosiłem się z zamiarem zmiany kolumn ale teraz jestem zachwycony. Jeśli jesteś posiadaczem BN i szukasz ulepszenia w systemie to zamiast dawać naciągać się producentom kosmicznie drogich kabli, które nic nie wnoszą – kup sobie ten zajebiście dobry zestaw z zasilaczem liniowym. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  7. Ville Koivu (zweryfikowany)

    You wouldnt think how much this upgrade impacts the sound, i know i didnt.
    I just recieved and installed the upgrade (N130) and it just keeps getting better and better. Soundstage went from „guess there is a band, instruments and a singer somewhere” to „holy sh*t is this what i have been missing all this time?”.
    Low end has more „umpf” and precision without taking over the overall sound, mids much more natural and accurrate and what i was craving and hoping for the most was getting the overwhelming harshness away from highs, check, also overall tonality and resolution has improved significantly.

    Only 30min into playing with upgrade so im expecting things to only get better.
    Save your thousands for new equipment, buy this.

    Installation was easy, hardest part was putting the cover back on.

    Thank you PD for effortless shopping experience and this superb product, you are doing an amazing job. 5/5 rating doesnt do justice.

  8. Richard A (zweryfikowany)

    Purchased your kit using PayPal and it arrived as described, well packaged and with all the bits required to do the upgrade.
    About 15 minutes later and the Bluesound Node 130 was plugged back into the DDC and then the DAC.
    The sound is definitely better. The backgrounds are much blacker, and the separation and decay are more pronounced.
    Great work guys, Thanks

  9. C. Ortlepp (zweryfikowany)

    Unverschämt gut…
    Vorher klang die Musik harmonisch, aber zum Teil unaufgeräumt.
    Rhythmisch viel besser jetzt.
    Der Bass tiefer und präziser.
    Alle Musiker werden präziser abgebildet.
    Moby 18 Tidal Master.
    Weich und zart die Stimme und soviele Details mehr…
    Ich war drauf und dran den N130 wieder wegzugeben. Nun darfst du bleiben!
    Meine Kef Meta freut sich und ich erst…
    Geheimtip Lautsprecher hoch 100…
    Vielen Dank an Kreativ!!!

  10. Peter Stockmar (zweryfikowany)

    Paket kam heute an, sehr gut verpackt mit übersichtlicher Bauanleitung und Messprotokoll der PSU. Nach ca. 20min war alles verbaut und der N130 wieder angeschlossen. Was soll ich sagen? Wow! Für jemanden, der es analytisch und klar in den Höhen mag ein Fest. Der Bass? Viel kontrollierter. Die Tiefenstaffelung hat sich eindeutig verbessert, die Breite der Bühne blieb etwa gleich. Alles, was mir vorher an meiner Anlage gefallen hat, wurde nochmals etwas besser.

    Es brauchte eine Einspielzeit von ca. 1 Stunde bis der Klang runder wurde. Zumindest kam es mir so vor.

    Nachdem ich bei Bestellung eher kritisch war, bin ich jetzt eindeutig positiv überrascht.

  11. Ralf Böttcher (zweryfikowany)

    Um es kurz zu machen (wenn möglich):
    Versand ging sehr schnell, die Ware war sicher verpackt. Montage des Netzteilboards war sehr gut beschrieben und total einfach. Geht sogar mit zwei linken Händen!
    Zum Klang:
    Man stelle sich vor, man wohnt im Industriegebiet und putzt seine Fenster zwei Jahre lang nicht (es soll tatsächlich solche Leute geben). Dan putzt man die Fenster und sieht da…. Genauso ist es mit dem neuen Netzteil. Alles ist sehr viel klarer, sauberer und strukturierter. Man kann wieder alles sehen (in dem Fall hören). Einfach klasse, das Geld ist gut angelegt! Danke Pawel

  12. Sami Nabeel (zweryfikowany)

    I have been very sceptical about streaming music and somewhat still is. My main listing comes from vinyl records and CD/SACD played through a well built system that aims to deliver music in a realistic way, mainly I listen to Classical music and Jazz.

    Digital music beyond CD and SACD seemed to me a nonstarter particularly because this industry could not unify playback format, so many permutations that are not compatible with each other.

    Recently it has become apparent that I would need to stream music, several recordings I would like to explore are on longer available expect in the used market at ridiculously high prices so I took a Qobuz plane and bought a Bluesound Node 3 to experiment, I new the Node will not ingrate well within my system but I need a datum point. The Node inbuilt DAC was miles away from the music made by my CD of the same recordings, listening to the Node via my DAC connected via USB improved the sound substantially but still no CD quality. 100 hours later on the Node sound has further improved.

    I came across PD Creative linear power supply through Hans Beekhuyzen YouTube Channel , I placed an order and 48 hours later delivery to London, went through the installation and powered up, what an immediate revelation this was, nothing subtle, a major improvement in the lower and middle frequencies and some improvement in the highs. The sound stage has improved but most of all in the vocals, a very recent release of Fatma Said’s Kaleidoscope recital was so interesting, track one places her in the middle of the room but as she sang she was moving her head form left to right I could not believe that the Node powered up by the PD PSU could deliver this so accurately considering the cost is £250.00 including tax and delivery.

    A highly recommended PSU if you have a Node ora bought to venture into one I highly recommend you have a close look at this Power Supply.

  13. Robert (zweryfikowany)

    I recently purchased a new Bluesound N130. I instantly hated it from the onset. It sounded thin and harsh. The highs were off the scale and much too prominent. The sound stage was closed and compressed. 4 days later I bought the top end PD creative upgrade kit. It arrive into Australia extremely quickly, with thanks. Installation was very easy. The hardest part was getting the bluesound closed again. I had very high expectations after the upgrade.

    Initially all that happened is that I got more of the same, a pretty horrible sound. I left the bluesound playing for nearly 2 weeks. I even approached PD creative about the horrible sound issues. They encouraged me to keep playing and burning the unit in. It took probably around 90 hours but my sound has gone from harsh and horrible to wonderful.

    The sound and scale now is very wide, large, warm and open. The harshness has disappeared completely and I’m left with a very organic sound which is very much to my taste. I use a Bryston DAC but even the analogue out of the bluesound is very acceptable and at times even more natural than the exteranl Dac. I have heard a massive difference on all inputs and outputs. I run xlr, optical and rca out of the Bluesound. I’m most grateful and appreciative of PD Creative’s willingness to exchange the equipment if needed. NO need now! I thoroughly recommend this upgrade and I am an exceptionally hard person to please when it comes to my sound.

  14. Daniel Morrill (zweryfikowany)

    The description of the change to the sound as 'significant’ is an understatement in my opinion.

    This kit raises the performance level such that any fatiguing effects are now gone, resolution and detail are lifted to a whole new level and the dynamics are improved – all at the same time!

    Highly recommended based upon my purchasing experience.

  15. Leonid

    Want to thank you once again, a great upgrade! Well packed, perfectly built a great instruction and pro measurements!
    I wasnt really able to notice any improvement of internal DAC, but with spdif connected DAC sonic improvements of your upgrade are game changing.

    Recently bought a dCS Bridge had a chance to compare, and with your upgrade Bluesound sounds almost like 10x more expensive source. Would be great to upgrade clock probably to catch up the bridge, but no-one selling kits 😉

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